If you often spend evenings sitting on your cozy sofa and watching TV, you are probably aware of many celebrities who are on the edge of glory. But what about Turkish Television Online? This article is devoted to the best known Turkish celebrities who don’t appear on the blue screen but it seems they don’t even abandon it. Look through the list of the most famous Turkish celebrities and maybe you might be interested in some of them.

Merve Bolugur

Merve Bolugur is a young actress, model, designer and occasional actress who was born in the end of the 1980s in Istanbul. Along with her filming career, she was picked as an advertising celebrity for Rexona, Burger King, Cornetto and other companies. In the middle of the 2000s, she starred Ayshegul character in Turkish TV series Sabrina. In 2011 Marve was awarded Ayakl Gazete TV prize and she was also praised as the most perspective actress of the year. Since 2014 Merve Bolugur is Maybelline’s advertising ambassador in Turkey.

Turkan Soray

Another Turkish celebrity was born in 1945 but she is still popular, famous and desirable among many men all over the world. Turkan Soray is a Turkish screenwriter, film director, and actress. Turkan has two sisters so when her parents divorced, her elder sister took care of Turkan and encouraged her to enroll to the local premium lyceum for girls. Three girls had to rent an apartment as they did not have any real estate in a property but luckily the woman who appeared to be a real estate agent and the property owner was also a famous actress Emel. She noticed Turkan Soray’s talent and helped her to make the very first steps to the world of films and theaters.

Fahriye Evcen

Turkish women from the top of Turkish celebrities and one of them is Fahriye Evcen who was born in 1986. This Turkish actress of cinema and TV was born in a Turkish family who had immigrated from Thessaloniki, Greece. After her graduation from the high school, Fahriye Evcen decided to enroll in the Dusseldorf university where she studied sociology. During her study in Dusseldorf, she did not expect to be invited as a leading actress for Never forget me film. Once she was done with shooting, Fahriye Evcen took a gap year and decided to spend time practicing as an actress. Between 2005 and 2016 she appeared in more than 20 movies and today Fahriye Evcen is one of the most popular celebrities in Turkey.

Ezgi Asaroglu

Ezgi Asaroglu is another Turkish talent, this gifted actress, and TV presenter was born in Izmir and when she was 17, her family moved to Istanbul. In the middle of the 2000s, Ezgi appeared in many movies and ad campaigns. As for movies, probably the most famous one is What’s Love Doing in the Mountains? Ezgi was praised for this masterpiece and invited to tour for many film festivals around the world with this movie. As for Ezgi’s rise in her acting career, it started at the end of 2008. She won the right to play the leading role in an independent film called For a Moment, Freedom, a drama. It is no secret it’s more complicated to be a drama actress that to play a comedian. That’s why this film was a starting for Ezgi Asaroglu’s movie career.

Kivanc Tatitug

According to the Turkish version of Vogue, there are five Turkish celebrities who are best known around the world and the last one we want to emphasize on is a Turkish actor Kivanc Tatitug. Kivanc was born in 1983. Best Model of Turkey, Best Model of the World in 2002, Golden Butterfly Awards for Best Actor are just a few awards he can boast. His grandmother was Albanian and thanks to her he inherited the exotic appearance. Born and raised in Adana, he studied at Yenice Cag Private High School, where he attended basketball and football sports groups. Currently, Kivan Tatitug works as a model and actor and lives between Turkey and Paris as his wife is from France.