Entertaining, educational, highly useful, and totally national - this week’s TV guide explores some of the best children's’ TV shows on Turkish channels online. Here we go!

Güldüy Güldüy (10+)

Ezo Sunal presents a new interpretation of popular sketch show Güldür Güldür. Güldüy Güldüy Show (letter ‘r’ usually mispronounced by kids) combines pure, positive energy and entertainment brought to you by young performers. Children on stage replay typical life situations one can observe around Turkey. Here is the plot of one of Güldüy Güldüy’s episodes:

  • What are the 6 rules of going to the country? Huseyin is just about to learn them as his parents are taking him to the villag
  • Mesut is waiting for a meeting with his Japanese partners, but who will translate the talks after he had fired the only Japanese-speaking employee Ismail? Ismail wants to take revenge on his former boss, while Mehtap and Dilek are thinking how to reconcile the two;
  • Greedy Şevket just bought a new TV set and he doesn’t want to share it with anybody else. How to prevent the thingy from Fikri and Mesut if they decide to pull a trick on Şevket and steal the precious TV set?
  • Yeter and Ismail have just moved into a new apartment. They invite their closest neighbors Burcu and Şevket who love to make people go through unexpected challenges.


The show’s host Serkant Özenç and his friend-mascot ZipZIp present an exciting educational show in which young viewers test their knowledge of the native language, geography, and culture. Call the studio and guess a country by its famous places or meals; make up a common proverb out of jumbled up letters. Winners get nice rewards like watches, board games, phones and USB drives.


Students never get bored in a class with teacher Can, because he always tells something new in a funny, entertaining, and somewhat clumsy way. For example. in one of the episodes teacher Can explains why electricity doesn’t kill birds; which animal has the biggest lungs, how bats can see at night and why we are 2-3 cm taller in the morning.

The show is shot in first person view so that kids never lose the feeling of sitting at the desk in a real classroom. Comedian Cengiz Küçüka knows the way with teaching the youngest ones!


Let’s travel to the 90’s Istanbul and meet "Rafadan crew" - a group of friends who live in the same neighborhood. They are:

Mert is the man of the men, the abi of all abis. He is the oldest and thus the leader of Rafadan crew.

Akin is Mert’s brother and the youngest character. Akin is intelligent and always finds solutions to the problems.

Kamil’s family owns the only grocery store in the neighborhood and he usually helps them there.

Hayri can never get full and his hunger often hinders the entire adventure. The name of ‘Rafadan crew’ was his idea. Hayri sometimes argues with Kamil and turns against him, but in fact, they are best friends ever.

Sevim is in love with Mert and her best friend is Hale.

Hale is Hayri’s younger sister. Although she is not that crazy about food as her brother, she is still quite fat.

Rafadan Crew explore the neighborhood life and learn about solidarity and friendship. Together, they experience new adventures and just have fun. By the way, do not ask what Rafadan means - it is up to Hayri and his feeling of hunger