The beginning of year 2017 has been marked by new arrivals from Turkish cinema and we’ve selected Top-3 for our Turkish TV film guide. Exciting plots, amusing characters, famous actors and talented directors have united to bring us top notch movie pleasure. Here we go: Istanbul drama with Halit Ergenç, a historical comedy by Mahsun Kırmızıgül, and “bad boy” Tolga Sarıtaş in a romantic story. Read further for full reviews.

İstanbul Kırmızısı (drama)

Orhan Şahin is a writer. Many years ago he moved to London to pursue a career of an editor. One day Orhan returns to Istanbul at the request of his friends Deniz Soysal. Deniz is a famous film director and he wants Orhan to help him publish a book. The book follows the director’s childhood memories of Istanbul which he later will put to a film. Orhan's task is to make sure the book is ready to see the world.
Orhan arrives at the meeting and finds out that Deniz has suddenly disappeared. A secret investigation begins. While everyone feels worried about Deniz, Orhan finds outs that the book’s story totally coincides with the real events happening now. The secret life of Deniz must be clarified.

Vezir Parmağı (comedy)

Ottoman Empire has spread over three continents and united different peoples and cultures. The never-ending wars and battles have exhausted its cities and villages. The country is in need for men, but more than others are wives who lost their husbands at war.
A small Anatolian village has never seen a man in 19 years. Its women-residents want to build a new life and ask their vizier for solutions. The first man after sultan hears the pleading voices. He sends his best officer Müstesna to bring five best men from 5 different ethnic groups. The chosen ones will travel to the village on the grounds of another war. In fact, their duty is to marry local women and restore men’s population in the village.
Vezir Parmağı is a bright, lively comedy that brings up diverse cultural features of the great Ottoman Empire.

Kötü Çocuk (romantic drama)

Kayla’s father left her family when she was only a baby. All this time, until the age of 17, she grew up with her mother Nazli and they always supported each other. Fatherless childhood made Kayla a strong and determined girl.
One day, her father Vural returns and Kayla’s life is now about to change. She moves to Istanbul for a more comfortable life and better education. Living hometown with a man whom you see for the first time is quite a challenge. Now, Kayla has to acclimatize not only to the big city life with a newly-obtained parent but also new school and friends.
On the very first day, she meets a mysterious boy Meriç. Although strange and highly unsociable, Meriç’s charisma attracts the young mind. Once they get closer, Kayla's life becomes even more complicated